Course Description

Join us on an exciting journey into the captivating world of plants and animals with Strawbees and Microbit! This educative tool, lightweight construction system is perfect for kids of all ages, providing them with a complete hands-on experience in design, engineering, and programming.

In this course, students will learn:

  • Discover the Vital Role of Plants: Your child will learn about the crucial role that plants play in sustaining life on Earth.
  • Measure Sunlight with Microbit: With the help of Microbit, a powerful microcontroller, your child will have the opportunity to create a program that measures the amount of sunlight a plant receives.
  • Dive into Animal Communication: Through hands-on experiments and interactive sessions, your child will explore the intriguing world of animal communication.
  • They will develop a deeper appreciation for the remarkable diversity of life on our planet.
  • Build Adaptable Plant and Animal Models: Using the Strawbees construction system, your child will unleash their creativity by building models of plants and animals.


  • The list of requirements will be forwarded upon registration. Required for the experiments are general household items.

stem mets





7 to 13



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