Course Description

Welcome to our exciting and innovative summer camp designed to spark creativity and curiosity in kids! Our program brings together cutting-edge tools like Midjourney, chatGPT, studio D-ID, and Scratch with Machine Learning to provide a unique learning experience that combines text-to-image, AI-powered chatbots, video manipulation, and interactive machine learning.

In this course, students will learn:

  • Midjourney – Unleash Imagination: With Midjourney’s text-to-image tool, kids will be amazed as they describe scenes, characters, and fantastical worlds, only to witness their imagination come to life on the screen.
  • ChatGPT – Conversations with AI: Kids will engage with chatGPT, a friendly AI chatbot, and learn the fundamentals of conversational AI.
  • Studio D-ID – AI Video Magic: Our campers will get hands-on experience with an AI video tool, enabling them to manipulate videos, create fun visual effects, and explore the magic of video editing with AI assistance.
  • Scratch with Machine Learning – Code and Create: Combining Scratch, a user-friendly coding platform, with the power of machine learning, kids will learn to code interactive projects and games, gaining invaluable computational thinking skills.


  • The list of requirements will be forwarded upon registration. Required for the experiments are general household items.
  • No prior AI or coding experience required. Our program is designed to be beginner-friendly, catering to all levels of interest and expertise.

stem mets





7 to 13



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