Course Description

The Virtual Game-based interactive coding adventure program is engaging, fun and offers a new way to learn coding.  Students are immersed in a virtual sandbox in which their knowledge of coding, computational skills, and problem-solving skills are developed. In this engaging learning environment, students build real-world skills through the power of play.

In this course, students will learn:

  • Your child will have everything they need at the tip of their fingers to program algorithms in Python or JavaScript, build websites and even design their own games, while learning material aligned with national curriculum standards.
  • Your child will learn how to navigate and become a citizen in the digital world. This platform’s solution enhances your child’s critical thinking, creativity, and resilience, empowering them with the skills they need for any industry.
  • We’re parents. We’re coders. We’re educators. But most of all, we’re people who believe in giving our kids the best opportunity for success in whatever it is they decide to do.


  • The list of requirements will be forwarded upon registration. Required for the experiments are general household items.

stem mets





7 to 13



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