STEM METS Co-Founder Jadesola Adedeji Brings Global EdTech Insights Back from Bett Conference UK

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Sun, 21 Jul 2024

STEM METS Co-Founder Jadesola Adedeji Brings Global EdTech Insights Back from Bett Conference UK

Fresh from the vibrant halls of the Bett Conference, the largest EdTech gathering in the world, STEM METS co-founder Jadesola Adedeji returns equipped with insights and a renewed vision for educational technology. The Bett Conference, held at the ExCeL Centre in London, was not just an event, but a confluence of ideas and innovations that are shaping the future of education.

A Global Mission Converges with Local Impact

Aligning with Bett's mission to spark ideas, create connections, and accelerate trade for impactful educational outcomes, Jadesola Adedeji's attendance represents STEM METS's dedication to being at the forefront of educational innovation. The conference's vision—to think bigger and believe in better—mirrors our ethos at STEM METS, where we constantly seek to enhance the learning experience for our teachers and students.

The Intersection of Education and Technology

During her time at Bett 2024, our CEO explored the intersection of education and technology, discovering new EdTech solutions and engaging with industry leaders. The event presented the highest quality of EdTech resources, from live demos to collaborative workshops, offering a glimpse into the future of education that STEM METS is excited to be a part of.

A Wealth of Knowledge for Future Endeavors

Jadesola Adedeji's experience at the conference has provided a wealth of knowledge and potential partnerships that STEM METS is eager to integrate into our service offerings. Her engagement with the latest in educational technology and methodology promises to bring a fresh perspective to our programs and initiatives.

Sharing the Knowledge

Now back from Bett, Jadesola is enthusiastic about sharing the knowledge gained with the STEM METS community. The insights from this premier EdTech conference will help inform our strategies and offerings, ensuring that STEM METS continues to provide top-tier educational experiences.

The Journey Ahead

As we unwrap the insights gathered at Bett 2024, STEM METS is poised to implement these new educational technologies and strategies. We are excited to unveil what's next and to continue our journey of innovation in STEM and STEAM education.

Stay connected with STEM METS for upcoming announcements and be a part of our transformative educational adventure, inspired by global best practices and driven by local passion.


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